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Pearson Was Just Ranked 3rd Best Airport In North America Despite The Recent 'Chaos'

"The place is a shit show from arrivals to departures," one flyer recently said.

Toronto Pearson Airport Was Ranked 3rd Best Airport In North America, Despite Recent 'Chaos'

Toronto Pearson Airport has some newfound bragging rights. The airport was named third best in a new ranking of the best airports in North America.

Every year, a company called Skytrax reveals the highest-ranked airports in several categories around the world. And for 2021, Toronto's airport made the top 10 on two separate lists. Not only did Pearson Airport snag the third spot for best airports in North America but it also reigned supreme for the cleanest airport in the region.

On a worldwide scale, the YYZ airport ranked 38th in the top 100. Other Canadian airports on the list were Vancouver, which came in 24th globally, and Montreal, which was in 63rd place.

Some flyers who recently travelled into Pearson would likely disagree with the airport's high rankings. After Canada's border was opened to fully vaccinated Americans and permanent residents on August 9, passengers out of Pearson airport described it as "chaotic" and "madness." "The place is a shit show from arrivals to departures," recent flyer Cheryl De Luca told Narcity.

"We apologize for the disruption in our passengers' journeys and appreciate their patience as airport employees work hard to move passengers through the process," a representative from Pearson Airport told Narcity following the complaints.

The airport had forewarned flyers of potential delays and long lines due to the influx of travellers and heightened COVID-19 health measures.

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