A Black Family Was Targeted By A Racist ‘Slave’ Sign On Highway 401 (PHOTO)

The man was driving with his son and nephews.
Toronto Staff Writer
Racist Act On Highway 401 Reportedly Had A Car Showing A 'Slave' Sign (PHOTO)

One Toronto man is speaking out after a reported racist act on Highway 401.  Brent Martin, 47, took to Instagram last weekend to shed light on the disturbing incident he and his family endured while driving through Ingersoll, Ontario. According to his post, his family was targetted by a car that drove past them with a sign reading "slave."

Martin reported that the car deliberately slowed down to match their speed while on the 401. 

He also stated that it was obvious the sign-holder wanted him and his nephews to read the hateful words they were showing.

“Heading down the 401 to Windsor. I’m with my son Dayne and two nephews Isiah and Denzel. We are all black. I guess this driver of the car beside us felt the need to let us know, racism isn’t isolated to south of the border and alive and well in Canada,” Martin wrote in his post.

In the photo, a man in a blue car can be captured with the white paper hanging from his sunglasses. The word "slave" written across it in black, bold letters. 

According to CBC, Martin's son was driving about 115 kilometres an hour, when the car reportedly started to pass them in another lane. 

Instead, it slowed down and stayed beside their vehicle for about 35 seconds, before speeding off when Martin started to take photos.

"They wanted this car of young Black men … because all of my nephews and son, they're between 16 and 18, they wanted them to know 'hey this is the message we're sending you," he told CBC. 

Martin claims that he talked to an OPP officer about the issue at a nearby rest stop, however, no investigation was started.  

The incident comes on the heels of a growing movent against racism and the call to defund the police.

Back in June, Toronto's Graffiti Alley transformed into a giant Black Lives Matter art walk to show support for the growing movement. 

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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