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Fans Are Calling For Siakam To Be Benched & The Memes Are Harsh

Ontario Editor
Raptors Pascal Siakam Fans Are Calling For Him To Be Benched & The Memes Are Harsh

As the Raptors continue to face off against the Celtics, some fans are calling on one of the players. Raptors Pascal Siakam isn't dominating the court and now fans are stressing that he should be benched. In fact, some Twitter users are even posting the harshest memes about it. 

Siakam has been the centre of attention since the team has returned from the pandemic break. 

Many have noted that the 26-year-old just hasn't been on his game. 

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Even Nick Nurse admitted that the player hasn't bee the same since returning to the court.

"And then the pandemic hit, and the break has not treated him as well as maybe everybody else," he said, according to TSN.

"So, we've gotta get one for him so he can give himself an opportunity to show who he is, again, for the umpteenth time," Nurse stated. 

However, it seems that the player is still struggling and many fans aren't willing to risk it during game seven. 

In fact, multiple Twitter users have now been demanding that the player be benched for the rest of the game. 

"Please send a text message to Nick Nurse. Tell him to please... for the love of all things holy... BENCH SIAKAM!" wrote one user. 

"JUST BENCH SIAKAM ALREADY," wrote another. 

Multiple memes of the player's skills have also followed, with some users not holding back. 

"When you see they’re still letting Siakam on the court." wrote one user. 

Despite the memes, Nurse has stated that he hopes Game 7 is when Siakam will be able to get his groove back. 

Only time will tell if he will be able to pull it together at the end. 

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