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Sexy Trudeau Shirts Are Being Sold In Ontario RN & The Designer Has Plans For Jagmeet, Too

The designer says it all started with her sister looking for a t-shirt with Trudeau on it five years ago.

Sexy Trudeau Shirts Are Being Sold In Ontario RN & The Designer Has Plans For Jagmeet, Too

Justin Trudeau won the 2021 federal election and a spotlight feature in Tiffany Kwan's t-shirts this month.

Kwan started selling "Trudaddy" t-shirts last year from November 2020 until December 2020, but after the election results rolled in last week, she decided to bring her venture back and sell off some of her leftover stock.

The $30–t-shirt features a shirtless Trudeau, and Kwan would not disclose to Narcity whether or not it was photoshopped.

Kwan says she currently has a limited quantity of Trudaddy shirts, but she plans to order another batch this fall. She also disclosed a sexy Jagmeet Singh shirt might be in the mix in the future.

Kwan posted to local Toronto Facebook group Weird Toronto on September 22, announcing she was starting back up Trudaddy business and she received over 300 comments on her post.

Unfortunately, not all of them were positive, and Kwan says she has received "so much backlash" on her t-shirts.

"I made a disclaimer also that I don't claim to support him and his policies, and that's kind of my baseline because of all of the online bullying.

"It's not fashionable to say you support Trudeau. On certain parts of the internet, it's almost taboo to say you support him so and that's not to say I'm supporting him. But it's just something I've noticed.

"It's funny because it was the election and you know I was like 'oh hey, the election, Trudeau won, I have t-shirts of Trudeau half-naked' let me use this as an opportunity, as you know, he's in the news to make a post and to sell some of the extra t-shirts I have left.

"Some people thought it was tone-deaf on the post, and some were like, that's genius," she said. So far, Kwan says she has received over a dozen direct messages about her t-shirts.

How it started

Kwan is an actor and comedian but her love for funny t-shirt designs goes back approximately five years.

"My sister who's from the states she came, and we were looking for a t-shirt with Justin Trudeau on it, and I didn't really find anything that was really like funny or really nice, and so I was like 'oh maybe I can make a t-shirt for Trudeau.'"

"A lot of her friends even from the States in her age group like around 18 to 22 really had the hots for Justin Trudeau as well, and he's like a hot man, he's a good looking attractive man, so I thought why not satirize how attractive his kind of appeal and his hotness appeal to people."

Kwan said the idea of Trudaddy started to form five years ago during her sister's visit, and she "actually took some youth business courses to get it rolling."

She didn't take the plunge until November 2020 after Kwan said, " A friend of mine said you got to do this or I'm not going to be your friend," and gave her the final push of motivation.

To order a Trudaddy t-shirt, you can direct message Kwan's business account on Instagram.

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