Justin Trudeau’s Election Speech Included A Touching Tribute To His Mom, Wife & Kids (VIDEO)

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and two of their kids joined him on stage.
Justin Trudeau’s Election Speech Included A Touching Tribute To His Mom, Wife & Kids (VIDEO)
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During his election speech in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Justin Trudeau took a moment to pay a touching tribute to the most important people in his life.

After securing a minority government late on Monday, per CBC and CTV News, the Liberal leader took to the stage and promised Canadians that he would "get back to work."

A little while later, after thanking the other candidates, Elections Canada staff, volunteers and everybody who voted, the PM turned his attention to his family.

Justin Trudeau addresses supporters on election night – September 21, 2021youtu.be

Both 13-year-old Xavier and 12-year-old Ella-Grace joined their parents on stage for the speech. Trudeau's mom — Margaret — was also present.

"Above all, I would like to thank my family," he began. "As always, my mother, who is here tonight, who started going through election nights like this when she was a little girl when my grandfather was running for Parliament in Vancouver north. But thank you, Mum, for always being there."

Continuing in French, Trudeau acknowledged his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau by saying, " Sophie, 12 years ago when we made the decision to become involved together in politics, it's because we wanted to defend our values, because we wanted to contribute to build a stronger Canada. Since the very beginning, we did it together, so thank you."

The couple kissed one another, before the PM went on to thank his three children.

Joking that 7-year-old Hadrien was sleeping "as we also need to do," Trudeau told his three kids, "Every day you remind me that this work is important, this work that we're doing together. So thank you for your patience while I have to be off on the job. And thank you for the sacrifices that you are making."

While Trudeau and his party have fallen short of securing a majority government, Liberals had secured or were leading in 158 ridings as of Tuesday morning.

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