Some People Are Posting 'Look At My Cat' Posters All Over Toronto & Here's Why They Do It

"We would like it on the record that our cats are adorable."

Toronto Associate Editor
Some People Are Posting 'Look At My Cat' Posters All Over Toronto & Here's Why They Do It

Some of the purr-tiest posters are being spotted around Toronto, and they're demanding all who pass by to look at their cat.

One "LOOK AT MY CAT" poster reads, "she is excellent at being a cat," with a selfie-like picture of a black and orange cat.

Other posters note how cute a cat is, or what a nice boy another cat is, or instruct those passing by to simply look at the cat.

The trend may remind some of a popular TikTok sound that tells viewers to "look at my cat," and while that was part of the inspiration for this idea, it originally started as a way to cheer up some loved ones.

"A few weeks ago, my sister and husband were both feeling blue, which is understandable because the world is really f*cked up right now," a street artist who is one of the people behind the "LOOK AT MY CAT"' collective of owners told Narcity.

"I knew that the posters would make them laugh and the idea of plastering our cats all over the city seemed like the perfect, most ridiculous way to cheer us up and blow off some steam."

The street artist decided to pick out some of her favourite photos of her flawless felines and created posters of the pets to cheer up her family.

"It worked and we spent the night covering the city with cats," she added. "A little light, adorable civil disobedience does wonders for the spirit."

In October, they plastered the first round of posters throughout Chinatown into Kensington and around College Street. More went up along Ossington, Queen West and Little Portugal, and now the latest batch has popped up in Cabbagetown.

So far, some Torontonians have caught them in the act of putting up the posters, which one of the collective members said is fun because people who see them doing this go from concerned to confused and then eventually are amused.

"People seem to get the joke," she added. "Some people want to talk about their own cats, and it's all welcome — if it makes people happy right now, we are here for it."

At the moment, all of the cats featured on their posters are their own cats ("We are convinced our cats are the cutest and we really do think people would like looking at them. I mean... look at them. They are cute AF.")

The collective is considering the idea of taking submissions eventually. Right now, they're playing around with the idea of creating a "LOOK AT MY CAT" scavenger hunt.

"We're more than happy to send out instructions to people on how to poster on their own because we want to see what people have to say about their own cats — the community spirit is part of the fun! But don't forget to tag us!! We live for it," she shared.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor
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