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A Cat From Guelph Is Unofficially Running In The 2021 Elections & His Campaign Is Purrfect

"You rub my belly, I'll scratch yours." — Fernando the Cat's platform.

Toronto Associate Editor
A Cat From Guelph Is Unofficially Running In The 2021 Elections & His Campaign Is Purrfect

Canada's federal election day is coming up and one four-legged Guelph resident is among the candidates. Backed by the Feline Party, Fernando the Cat is running in the furr-deral elections, and he is not kitten around.

"Fernando came late to [the] race, but it was the appearance of other party signs that seemed to drive down the number of snacks being received on a daily basis," Fernando's campaign manager and info officer, "Doc," told Narcity via email. "His feline intuition made the connection. These candidates were taking his snacks."

A Cat From Guelph Is Unofficially Running In The 2021 Elections & His Campaign Is Purrfect Courtesy of Fernando the Cat's Campaign Manager

Even though he's in the Guelph riding, Fernando has been focusing his attention on Forbes Avenue and the two neighbouring streets. Residents call him "The King of Forbes," which could make him quite the formidable opponent against Liberal incumbent Lloyd Longfield.

"This is a liberal stronghold, however, Longfield is yet to campaign on Forbes Avenue. We believe this is because he has little chance on this street," his campaign manager wrote. "Of course, Fernando has the highest respect for Forbes Avenue and democracy, so if an alliance were required, discussions of such could take place over a selection of treats."

Longfield has been serving as the MP for Guelph since 2015, but given Fernando's popularity, his future as MP could be in jeopardy.

The community loves Fernando, and he loves them right back. His platform is basically 'You rub my belly, I scratch yours,'" Doc told us.

He cares so deeply about the residents of his street, he visits each house every single day. "He knows people's schedules," Doc said, adding that Fernando waits at their doors to be let in.

But don't take him for a softie; Fernando's approach to keeping the streets safe is very serious.

He's fearless in the face of local dogs, who know him well and "bow to him," his manager told Narcity. He also often conducts home inspections to check all the good hiding places for mice.

Fernando's campaigner manager says that if elected, Fernando will continue to visit his constituents' homes daily and keeping Forbes Avenue free from rodents and pests. "In particular he promises to take care of the black squirrel with the bent tail, thereby maintaining the sanctity of local bird feeders."

The aspiring MP has experienced his fair share of scandals, too.

In a recent IG post, Fernando clapped back at his opponents, who have been accusing him of excessive catnip use.

"May I remind them nip is now legal in this country," he wrote, "I did try it in university, but did not inhale."

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