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These Fake Election Signs In Ontario Are So Ridiculous We Kind Of Wish They Were Real

"More parks, lower vet bills, less stress," reads one sign. Yes, the candidate is a dog.

These Fake Election Signs In Ontario Are So Ridiculous We Kind Of Wish They Were Real

It's voting day for Canada's federal elections and while we're mostly familiar with who's running for office in our area, there are a few unofficial wild cards in certain ridings.

Parody election signs have been spotted all across the province of Ontario featuring candidates that are totally incapable of being any kind of minister in the caucus because they are either fictional or straight-up not human.

Jackie Vandinther | Narcity

Spotted in the Parkdale-High Park region was a campaign sign for none other than the Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Running for the Galactic Empire, Vader's campaign promises that together "we WILL rule the galaxy."

Who needs to drain the swamp when you can swim right in it? In Scarborough, we have everyone's favourite ogre, Shrek, running for office independently. Too bad for him, the name "Green Party of Canada" was already taken.

Turns out, Pickering-Uxbridge was secretly home to some Transformers villains all along, as Lord Megatron is running for the Decepticons.

Cormac O'Brien | Narcity

Hailing from the DC Comics universe, Superman's nemesis has apparently tossed his hat in the ring to run for PM, too. This Kryptonian promises Canadians that he is "less evil than the other guys."

Man's best friend has been spotted running for office in Waterloo, and his plans are actually pretty solid. Bentley guarantees he will bring constituents more parks, lower vet bills, and less stress. Waterloo's future seems to be in good paws.

Meanwhile in Guelph, Fernando the Cat — or the "King of Forbes" as he's known by locals — is unofficially running for MP in his riding. This "furr-midable" opponent already has a political scandal under his paw, but we've got to give him props for being upfront and transparent about it.

After being accused of having a catnip problem by his opponents, Fernand clapped back at them on his IG: "May I remind them nip is now legal in this country," he wrote. "I did try it in university, but did not inhale."

@deadlylettuce Everything stops when you see the no name sign @cryingwithash @beeboobeeboobeep @prettty_nasty
♬ original sound - Sophie ✨🧚🏻♀️

Some of the fake election signs played into classic Canadian phenomenons like the iconic No Name branding. "Election: sign for lawns," the lawn sign read.

from ontario

Rick Rolling will never be a tiring phenomenon, and as a candidate for PM, Rick Astley sure makes some reassuring points.

Someone in Burlington posted up this 2000s classic movie reference. Do you think if we Vote for Pedro, all of our wildest dreams will come true?

Despite the fact that this election sign looks Photoshopped, The Weeknd running as a fake candidate in Scarborough had to be included. After all, a vote for Abel Tesfaye is a vote to save your tears for another day, and that sounds like something we could get behind.

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