Ontario Home Hardware Store Goes Viral For Leaving A Funny Note For A Customer On Its Sign

Kevin...where are you?

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A Home Hardware Building Centre.

A Home Hardware Building Centre.

A Home Hardware store in Ontario has made many people smile after a note they shared on their massive sign went viral.

The Wiarton Home Hardware Building Centre in Wiarton, Ontario, had "Kevin... your vacuum is here" written on its gigantic outdoor sign. The actual Kevin they are referring to posted a picture of the sign on Reddit and said, "I'm the Kevin from this sign....AMA!"

The Reddit thread got over 27,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

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"It was actually a bit of a planned joke," Kevin said. "I ordered the vacuum back in early December, but Dewalt products can sometimes take a while to get brought to the Home Hardware location. I go in a few times weekly anyways on my way to work to pick up supplies for teaching shop, and they would update me daily - 'Vacuum still not here.' 'Didn't show up this week,' 'I guess next week now,' etc."

The Home Hardware store told Kevin, "they'd put it on the sign when it showed."

"I was laughing hysterically as I slowly approached the sign and the words started to form," the Redditor added.

"This is so wholesome !!!!" someone said.

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"This small-town gesture makes even more sense now. It's such a friendly place!" another added.

Narcity reached out to Home Hardware to confirm the story and they did!

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The Dealer-Owner of the store, Alan Sutter, said, "Kevin has been a customer at the store for quite some time. We put in a special order for this vacuum for him, and he stopped by most mornings to check on the delivery status."

"We made a joke that we'd put a message on the store sign when it came in, and that's exactly what we did. He was thrilled, so he snapped a photo and posted it online. We had no idea it would get this much attention!" Sutter added.

from ontario

"The relationship between local Dealer-Owners, staff, and their community is one-of-a-kind. They create authentic bonds with their customers and genuinely have fun at work," Rob Wallace, the Chief Retail Operations Officer at Home Hardware Stores Limited, said.

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