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Some Unvaccinated Torontonians Would Get Vaxxed For Money Or A Paid Day Off

A Toronto Public Health survey has found some interesting vaccination motivators.

Toronto Associate Editor
Some Unvaccinated Torontonians Would Get Vaxxed For Money Or A Paid Day Off

Penny for your shots? A recent Toronto Public Health survey revealed what it would take for unvaccinated Torontonians to change their mind and get the vaccine, and cash is definitely on the list of motivators.

In collaboration with market research company IPSOS, the COVID-19 vaccine survey polled 1,203 Torontonians between July 30 and August 10 and found that 8 in 10 respondents were vaccinated. Fourteen percent of the respondents were vaccine-hesitant; 6% of them said they will definitely not receive a COVID-19 vaccine, and 8% of them were unsure if they'll get one in the future.

When asked what would make them more likely to get a vaccine, 37% said they'd take the plunge if it was mandatory for travel. 30% wouldn't mind getting one if they got $100 for it, and 34% would get their doses if it was required to go to work.

On September 8, the City issued a news release pointing to new data that shows unvaccinated people are seven times more likely to get infected with COVID-19 than those who are fully vaccinated.

Based on the most recent data on Toronto Public Health's vaccine dashboard, nearly 78% of Torontonians aged 12+ are fully vaxxed, and almost 84% have had their first dose.

The IPSOS survey also reported that vaccine hesitancy in Toronto has gone down by 7% since the last survey they conducted back in March 2021.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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