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A Shattered Windowpane Had Glass Flying Onto A Toronto Street & The Video Is Terrifying

One person is injured with non-serious injuries.

Toronto Associate Editor
A Shattered Condo Window Had Glass Flying Onto A Toronto Street & The Video Is Terrifying

Someone in Toronto caught the very moment on camera a condo window shattered and glass showered down onto the streets below.

"This morning — I work from home — I was just up walking around and noticed there was light flashing into my apartment," Claire Hulme shared with Narcity. "I looked outside and I saw this door or glass window spinning."

Hulme noted that before she had even started filming, the window was spinning way more out of control than what was seen in the video.

@claire_hulme | Instagram

Videos posted to Hulme's Instagram stories show a glass windowpane spiralling in mid-air with the caption: "This can't end well." In the next clip, the window bumps into the building, causing the glass to immediately burst into pieces and fall onto the street down below.

"Within two minutes of filming it smashed back into the building and glass kind of shattered," Hulme said. "I saw a few construction workers down there kind of just run under the building."

Hulme said she couldn't see whether or not anyone was injured from the fallen glass.

At 10:26 a.m. this morning, Toronto Police tweeted about a report of a hazard on Front Street and Draper Avenue that involved glass falling from a condo building in the area.

According to the tweet, one person had sustained a non-serious injury from the event, and Front Street between Portland and Spadina Avenue was closed off.

"I know we know who was injured but we wouldn't be releasing that information," Const. David Hopkinson told Narcity over the phone.

Hopkinson later added that no further updates could be made at this time.

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