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6 Things You Can No Longer Do At Bars When They Reopen In Ontario This Friday

Stage three is here, but it has restrictions.
Stage Three In Ontario Will Include Bars But You Can't Dance In Them Anymore

On Monday, the government announced that parts of the province will be able to move into stage three in Ontario's reopening plan this Friday. Under this new plan, bars and dine-in restaurants will be able to open their doors. However, there are still strict guidelines in place for what you can actually do when visiting these establishments.

Ford revealed during a press conference that 24 regions of the province would move into the next phase this Friday. However, this doesn't include areas like the GTA or Niagara. 

For all the bar patrons that are planning on grabbing a drink once doors open, there are a few things that will remain unavailable. 

Firstly, if you were hoping to get your groove on, you will have to wait a little longer. 

Dancing will be prohibited at all bars and restaurants unless it is by a hired professional who follows safety guidelines. 

The way that live music and singing is performed will also look different. 

According to the government press release, while music is allowed to be performed, barriers must be in place between the band and customers at the venue and social distancing needs to be practiced. 

Private karaoke rooms are also prohibited for those who were hoping to make some Beyonce-styled plans. 

Buffet food services are also not allowed. 

While bars are often known for meeting new people, all guests will have to be seated while eating and drinking. 

On top of this, you won't be able to crowd into your favourite venue anymore. 

All indoor spaces can only have a maximum of 50 people, and physical distancing must be maintained. 

So while you'll finally be able to grab a drink at your favourite local bar, be prepared for things to look a little different. 

A state of emergency was first declared in Ontario on March 17, which has led the province to be in lockdown for four months. 

While safety guidelines are still in place, movie theatres, gyms, and playgrounds will all be able to reopen under this new stage. 

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