Steve Martin & Martin Short Brutally Roasted Each Other On SNL With Prepared Eulogies

Selena Gomez made a surprise visit!

Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Steve Martin and Martin Short didn't hold any punches in their joint Saturday Night Live monologue!

The Only Murders in The Building co-stars and longstanding Hollywood icons playfully teased each other in their monologue on December 10 in a hilarious eulogy roast only to be interrupted by Selena Gomez.

The stars prepared eulogies for each other, which they read aloud once the band found a song sad enough to capture the sombre moment.

In a video posted to SNL's Twitter, Martin opened up his eulogy with, "Wow, not much of a turnout...Marty did not want to be cremated – too late!"

Short didn't come to play and quickly hit back with his opening line, "There are so many great things that I could say about Steve Martin, but this hardly seems the time nor the place."

"Steve, you bland overrated white-haired son of a b*tch! Where did ya go? I know Steve is looking down on us right now because he always looked down on everybody."

Martin got in some good shots on Short, joking that his sex life was always active as long as there were batteries in the house and trolling his iconic role in Santa Claus 3.

"Marty was taken away from us too soon – but sadly not before he played Jack Frost in Santa Claus 3," said Martin.

The pair went back and forth, and Short cracked a quick punchline on the iconic "Dick in a Box" SNL sketch that got a few laughs.

"Steve, it's so hard to look at you in that open casket. Motionless, colourless, stiff, so life-like. And yet, seeing you in your casket reminds me of that classic SNL sketch 'Dick in a Box.'"

After a few more zingers from Short, Martin cracked back and said, "Now that Marty's gone, who will I ever work with?"

Gomez, who also stars in Only Murders in The Building , popped on stage and quickly interrupted Martin and said, "What about me?"

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.