This Toronto Casting Call Will Pay Over $5K If You Use A Google Pixel & Love It

Google Pixel die-hards, where you at?

Toronto Staff Writer
A person using a Google Pixel phone. Right: The CN Tower.

A person using a Google Pixel phone. Right: The CN Tower.

If you recently traded in your iPhone for a Google Pixel and are wondering why you didn't do so years ago, good news, friend. This Toronto casting call wants to pay you the big bucks.

According to Groundglass Casting, a non-union campaign is looking to give passionate Pixel users thousands of dollars to be interviewed about their experience with the phone.

All you need to do is love your cellphone and be comfortable in front of the camera. Talk about easy money.

Each selected participant will receive $100 for a mandatory COVID-19 test appointment, $75 for a wardrobe appointment, and $650 for one day of filming.

And, if your footage is in the final commercial, you receive an additional $4,500 or more for its use. Wowza.

But wait, they're prepared to throw even more dough your way!

Anyone who has to travel more than 1.5 hours for the shoot will receive an additional $350 for travel fees, accommodation, and a $100 per diem.

However, It's worth noting that the job, although a piece of cake, does have a few qualifiers.

For example, anyone looking to apply must be fully vaccinated and legally eligible to work in Canada.

You also must be able to travel to the Greater Toronto Area and be available for a brief online interview with the director on July 14, 2022.

Casted individuals will be required to take a PCR COVID-19 test on August 1, attend a wardrobe fitting on the 2nd, and be available for one day of filming between August 3 to 4.

Google Pixel Project

Salary: $650 - $5,150 or more

Company: Groundglass Casting

Who Should Apply: Google Pixel users that love their phone and the spotlight.

Apply Here

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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