Toronto’s Lost Dog Mirabelle Was Just Returned To The Shelter & Needs A Home Again

"We’re confident that Mirabelle’s new beginning is right around the corner."
Toronto’s Lost Dog Mirabelle Was Returned To The Shelter & Needs A Home Once Again

Just one day after the city learned that Toronto's lost dog Mirabelle was united with a new owner, she's now back on her journey to finding her forever home.

Toronto Animal Services updated its social media to say that Mirabelle was returned by the owner who had just taken her home. 

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The woman who took Mirabelle home realized that she wasn't emotionally ready for a new dog, after losing her last one to cancer last year.

"Finding the right match for a dog can take time, and we thank the previous applicant for her honesty and bringing Mirabelle back so we can find the home that is right for her," wrote TAS. 

"She confirmed what we already know about Mirabelle: she is a sweet, active girl who loves to be with her people."

Now, the shelter is looking for a loving home for her once again. 

Mirabelle was found alone in High Park earlier this month, and melted hearts far and wide with her pouty shelter photo.

If Mirabelle seems like a good fit for your home, you can give Toronto Animal Services a call to fill out an application form. Just look at that smile!