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Toronto's Heartbreaking Lost Dog Just Found A Home & She Looks So Happy

Mirabelle was found all alone in High Park earlier this month. 🥺
Toronto's Sad Dog Found In High Park Just Got A New Home & She Looks So Happy

It looks like the heartbreaking story of Toronto's lost dog has a happy ending. 

Mirabelle was discovered in High Park last weekend in the freezing cold and taken in by Toronto Animal Services (TAS), who said that she was showered with loving messages after a photo of her sad expression made its way around social media.

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Mirabelle is a red labrador-retriever mix and was only known as ID#A883418 when she was originally brought into the shelter, but it didn't take long for her to get a new name and a forever home.

"Every once in a while, a dog catches all of your hearts on social media and we’re always humbled at the love and attention you can show for a stray dog that needs a place to call home," writes TAS.

The person who adopted Mirabelle sadly lost her previous pup to cancer and "has been looking for a new good girl," their post says.

It looks like Mirabelle is pretty pleased with the situation as well — she can be seen smiling ear to ear in the photo of her taking off to her new home!

Others online seem just as pleased to see Mirabelle go off to a good home. "Go Mirabelle go! You have so many people on your side sweet girl!" reads one Facebook comment.

Thank you for warming our hearts, Mirabelle! 

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