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TDSB Now Wants To Cut Class Sizes In Neighbourhoods Hardest Hit By COVID-19

The board's already said the Sept. 8 target return date is too ambitious. ❌
Toronto Class Sizes Must Be Cut In Neighbourhoods Hit Hardest By COVID-19, Says TDSB

After the Toronto District School Board's initial plan was rejected by Ontario, they have come back with an adjusted idea to cut elementary school Toronto class sizes in neighbourhoods that have been hit hardest by COVID-19.

The latest suggestion is set to be decided upon by the trustees on Thursday, August 20, CBC reports. The province will then also need to approve it, after saying no to the initial plan of cutting all class sizes.

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We have a small number of resources and we're trying to do the best we can with it.

TDSB chairman Alexander Brown

Brown said the readjusted framework would mean leasing extra spaces and hiring more teachers to ensure fewer students are in each classroom.

In an announcment earlier this week, it was revealed that the City of Toronto will be offering up 24 additional facilities to schools in order to help facilitate social distancing.

The initial intention was for schools to start returning on September 8. However, both the provincial government and TDSB have said they expect staggered start dates to take place, with the board saying it would take a "miracle" for schools to be ready to welcome back students in under three weeks' time.

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