Your next friend meet-up should be virtual, according to Mayor John Tory. 

During a press conference on Monday, the mayor announced that Toronto's COVID-19 restrictions should include not seeing your friends as cases continue to rise. 

In fact, residents should "hunker down" in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 during this time. 

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I think if we are all honest, we've made little exceptions here and there, saying, it was only two friends we had over. Mayor John Tory

Tory states that outside of work and school, you should be staying in your own household. 

"I am asking, as your mayor [...] Stay home. Be in touch with other people virtually," Tory added.

"We can really hunker down big time for the next few weeks and fight these numbers back down to where they need to be."

The mayor also reminds residents how important it is to wear and mask and keep your distance while out in public. 

Toronto's top public health doctor is expected to announce whether or not the city will enforce further restrictions today. 

However, it remains unclear what those measures will be.