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Toronto Drinking Tickets Will Fine You $300 If You're Publicly Sipping Booze This Weekend

Heads up, Toronto! The City is cracking down on public drinking this long weekend, and they've announced that $300 tickets will be handed out to those disobeying the rules. Toronto drinking tickets will be given out to those sipping alcohol in parks, beaches and other outdoor spaces. 

The City made the announcement via its Twitter page just in time for the long weekend. 

"Planning a trip to the beach or park this #longweekend? Don’t bring beer, wine or spirits," it says. 

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"You can receive a $300 ticket for consuming alcohol in public spaces. Be considerate of others." 

The announcement comes just two weeks after premier Doug Ford said that drinking in Ontario's parks is not a big deal right now. 

"If you're responsible and you want to have a glass of wine or a beer, big deal. Who cares?" Ford said in a press conference from August 14. 

However, it looks like the City is not on board after its public announcement.

They are also asking people to stay "three beach balls apart" from those not in their social circle, and to refrain from boozing it up it public. 

Make sure you don't land yourself one of these hefty fines when you go out to enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

The City also shared a link to a page that reminds everyone of the appropriate code of conduct at outdoor spaces in Toronto. 

It turns out Toronto is stricter than the rest of the province in dealing with public drinking. 

The page states that the provincial fine for public drinking is only $100, compared to the $300 ticket you can receive in Toronto.

Although Ford has said it's not a big deal to be drinking in parks, he did mention that if "a whole bunch of yahoos, 1000 people, are getting out they're going wild, that's a whole different scenario."

So make sure to drink responsibly and keep your distance this weekend. 

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