Toronto Driver Died After Crashing Into A Townhouse & The Homicide Unit Is Investigating

A Toronto driver died on Thursday morning following a single-car crash in Scarborough.

The incident, which occurred near Washburn Way and Tapscott Road at around 3:42 a.m., resulted in a vehicle crashing into the wall of a townhouse.

According to a report by Toronto police, officers arrived on the scene for "unknown trouble" and found the driver injured and unresponsive. They were taken to hospital and later pronounced dead.

The responding officers also discovered evidence of gunfire on the scene.

As a result, police have revealed that the homicide unit has taken over the investigation.

Toronto police are alerting the public after a reported incident that sounds like a scene straight out of a horror movie.

A man broke into a home in the Melrose Avenue and Grand Avenue area and allegedly attempted to "grab a woman" while she was taking a shower, according to a press release from police.

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Over 200 Members Of Toronto Police On Unpaid Leave Due To Vaccine Mandate & Most Are Officers

"Our objective remains ensuring the health and safety of our members."

Hundreds of Toronto workers have been placed on unpaid leave due to vaccine mandates, and Toronto police officers are not exempt.

On Tuesday, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) announced that members who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or have chosen not to disclose their vaccination status, will be placed on an indefinite unpaid absence effective November 30, 2021.

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Toronto Police Warn That 'Charges Will Be Laid' If People Interfere With Vaccination Clinics

This is meant to protect kids aged 5 to 11 years old at their vaccine appointments.

As kids 5 to 11 years of age start getting vaccine doses, Toronto Police have issued a warning to people who might try to interfere with vaccination clinics in the city.

"Officers will be patrolling near COVID-19 vaccination sites as Toronto kids and their families attend appointments over the coming days," the service tweeted on November 26.

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Ford's Daughter Says Her Cop Husband Is Being Put On 'Unpaid Leave' For Being Unvaccinated

She says Toronto Police Services "made a very silly decision."

Krista Ford Haynes, Premier Doug Ford's daughter, has taken to Instagram to air out her grievances of her husband, Dave Haynes, allegedly being put on unpaid leave by the Toronto Police Services for not being vaccinated.

Haynes has been vocal throughout the pandemic about her anti-vax views and posted a story to her Instagram on Tuesday of a box filled with her husband's things with the caption, "Never thought I'd see the day. Twenty years into the job, he so faithfully served. after just earning a promotion to Staff Sergeant."

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