The City just announced that their Toronto enforcement team will be cracking down in parks this spring and summer. However, some rules will be taking more priority over others.

In a press release, the City announced that the officers from Municipal Licensing and Standards, Toronto Public Health and the Toronto Police Service will all be enforcing pandemic rules.

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Some key issues that this team will be focused on include responding to large events or gatherings in parks across the city and conducting business inspections. If officers notice a crowd in parks, they will be dispersing people as quickly as possible, the City states.

On top of this, the team will also be working towards prohibiting people from bringing "large amounts of alcohol" into public places.

Yet, the City revealed that they will not be fully cracking down on people who are drinking alcoholic beverages in the park with their own households. "Individuals consuming an alcoholic beverage in a park with their household are not a priority for enforcement," the press release stated.