Toronto Hair Expert Shares 10 Tips On How TF To Get Your Curls To Listen To You

TLC is key here curly hair peeps.

The Curl Lounge curly hair tips and tricks.
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The Curl Lounge curly hair tips and tricks.

Caring for your curly hair can seem like an impossible mission, especially when trying to keep those curls locked in shape and frizz far away. But, great news, you don't need to keep straightening it to take charge of your hair.

Narcity spoke with the owner of The Curl Lounge in Toronto and curly hair expert, Elisha Gotha, who told us her tips and tricks on how to take charge of not just your life but your hair.

Here are 10 tips you might've not known about to keep your curls bouncing as they should.

Don't wash your hair every day

Washing your hair every day while also using products causes build-up on the scalp and hair shaft, which does not favour you.

Instead, Gotha says, "I typically tell my clients every four to five days" to wash their hair while giving your "scalp a good scrub" to prevent the build-up.

Using shampoo is actually an important step

Gotha says some people tell her they don't enjoy using shampoo and use it once a week or every two weeks.

But Gotha said that "I find that the more often you shampoo your hair, actually, the more softer and healthier it is because it doesn't have so much product build-up."

Scrunching your hair is the best hair technique

According to Toronto's curly hair expert, "the easiest is the best thing, so scrunching your curls is going to give you maximum definition and maximum balance."

Various hairstylists have recommended different curl techniques, including finger twirling, curl coiling, and even using a Denman brush.

But for Gotha, "when you start using a Denman brush or finger twirling, it gives you more of an artificial curl and it's flatter."

Put the product on your hair in the shower

Contrary to many beliefs, one should not towel dry their hair before putting in their curly hair products, especially when they want to say good-bye to frizz.

"The only time you don't have frizz in your hair is when your hair is sopping wet," she says.

Use gels, not creams

Gels give the curl more hold and last longer because of its "staying power," says Gotha.

"It's more moldable and it tends to last longer in the hair and withstand different things."

Spend time with your diffuser

A diffuser does make a difference, especially when breaking the hair cast, which is when the gel creates an exterior on the curl that needs to be cracked.

"I like using a diffuser. I just find that it gives you more bounce if it actually helps the root lift up and that you get more of like more movement in the curls versus just air drying," Toronto's curl expert shares.

You don't need to use 100 products to get results

"So for me, I typically say like one product is the best not using like 100 things."

Gotha suggests that people with wavy hair can use a strong holding gel while people with a tighter texture can use a defining gel, and maybe a foam.

Hydrating your curls keep them softer

When thinking about what shampoo and conditioner to buy that will soften your hair, make sure to look for a shampoo that doesn't have heavy oils in it and a thick deep conditioner.

Another additional touch could be to add a spray leave-in conditioner.

Gotha says, "the reason why I like a spray leave-in versus like a thicker leave-in is because it minimizes the product build-up."

Lifting your roots will add volume

To get more volume in your hair, you can either use clips at the root area while drying it or use a volumizing product that can be put at the root while also diffusing it upside down.

Curls can last for days when sleeping with them correctly

Why do all of that if it doesn't last long? Well, there are techniques to keep your curls intact for days.

One suggestion that Gotha mentions is using the pineapple hair tying technique. Another is using a wrap or bonnet for shorter hair to help those curls stay curly.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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