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Toronto Is 'Clearly' Moving Towards Stage 2 After 14 Days Of COVID-19 Decline

Mayor Tory teased some "sweet, sweet news."
Toronto Is 'Clearly' Moving Towards Stage 2 After 14 Days Of COVID-19 Decline

Toronto, brace yourself! City and health staff sounded extremely positive on June 19 when talking about whether Toronto is ready to enter stage two. Dr. Eileen De Villa noted that the city has now seen 14 consecutive days of declining cases, and Mayor John Tory teased that that should bring some "sweet" news soon.

Neither Tory nor Dr. De Villa was shy in teasing that the 6ix is on the cusp of being able to enter stage two at their media briefing on Friday.

"I really believe we're almost there," said Tory.

"Someone once said that patience was bitter but that the results were sweet, and I feel something sweet coming our way. I will just say that you deserve it."

Dr. De Villa added that she is encouraged to see Toronto's new COVID-19 cases continue to decline.

She noted the city has now hit its goal of 14 days of continuous decline, which has taken the status of the city's virus spread and containment from yellow to green.

“We should soon be able to join other communities across the province in stage two of reopening our city," said Dr. De Villa.

She added: "I know that we are all looking forward to getting our city back. At this time, based on our continued improvements on our dashboard indicators, we are clearly moving towards the next phase of reopening."

Per CBC on Thursday, Toronto's health target for being able to proceed into stage two has been a consistent 14-day drop in new cases.

That goal has now been reached.

According to the Toronto Star, the plan is for Ontario Premier Doug Ford to announce at the start of every week whether any more regions are able to move into the next stage of Ontario's reopening framework.

So, if Toronto is deemed ready to join its neighbouring regions like York and Durham at the next step, we could know for sure on Monday.

At the start of this week, Tory had made the seemingly optimistic suggestion that some Toronto patios could be ready to reopen in time for Canada Day, as long as the province gives the 6ix the green light.

That idea suddenly seems a lot more feasible after Friday's briefing.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Ford said that while Ontario's state of emergency is likely to last until mid-July, it will "hopefully" stop there.

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