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Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders Takes A Knee With Protestors During Anti-Racism March

People all across the city are currently out in the streets marching against anti-black racism. During Friday’s demonstration, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders was filmed taking a knee with protestors. The moment was captured on film and has been shared across social media.

In the videos, Saunders can be seen kneeling in the middle of a crowd during the demonstration. The chief was also seen raising a fist in support of those who had taken to the streets.

The chief also shared pictures of the moment on his Twitter account, where he informed the public that he is "listening."

"My Command and I met protesters today and we took a knee. We see you and we are listening," Saunders tweeted

He continued to say that "the ⁦@TorontoPolice
fully supports peaceful and safe protests this weekend and always. We have to all stay in this together to make change. #Toronto#PeacefulProtests."

After the protest paused at Yonge and College for Saunder to take a knee, it continued to move towards Nathan Phillips Square. 

A reported 500 protester stood outside of City Hall and chanted "I can't breathe" in unison. 

Toronto Police have announced that the crowds have remained peaceful during the demonstration. 

This march comes after thousands of people in multiple cities across Canada have come out to march against police brutality. 

Just last week people packed into Christie Pits Park to protest for the justice of  Regis Korchinski-Paquet. 

Since the death of the young women, the Toronto Police have vowed to "fast-track" the use of body cams.

Thousands have signed a petition asking them to be required to wear the body devices. 

More reported protests are also planned throughout the weekend in Toronto. Black Lives Matter and Not Another Black Life, who organized last weekend's march, have both stated they are not involved in these latest protests.

In preparation, multiple businesses have boarded their windows and the Eaton Centre has announced that it will be closed to guests throughout the weekend.

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