You Can Rent Toronto Pools By The Hour & These Are The Most Popular Backyards In The City

It's like Airbnb but for pools.

Pool in Mississauga. Right: Women in a pool.
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Pool in Mississauga. Right: Women in a pool.

If lounging by a private pool all afternoon sounds like your idea of a perfect summer day then you're in luck. This rental service allows you to book pools in Toronto by the hour and there are so many options to choose from.

Swimply is a "marketplace that connects owners of under-utilized swimming pools and spaces with people seeking to gather, swim and escape locally."

Basically, it's Airbnb for pools. You can scroll through local pool listings and book your own private oasis by the hour.

The company first launched in Canada in summer of 2019 and there are currently almost 650 pools live on Swimply across the country.

When it comes to pools in Toronto, there are a number of dreamy spots you can book with your friends. The top spots include the "Tropical Oasis" which accommodates up to 12 guests and starts at $60 an hour.

Pool surrounded by trees.Pool surrounded by trees.Courtesy of Swimply

The pool is "surrounded by lush perennial gardens giving it a tropical feel" and comes with night lighting.

If you're dreaming of a day in Muskoka, you can rent the "Muskoka Retreat in the city." This backyard starts at $55 an hour and can accommodate up to 21 people. It's a "version of Muskoka in the city" and comes with a saltwater pool and a pergola.

Pool with floaty.Pool with floaty.Courtesy of Swimply

Another top spot is the "Beautiful Pool & Deck & Breathtaking Lake" in Mississauga. This spot has major vacay vibes and starts at $105 an hour. You can bring up to 20 guests and take a dip in both the pool and Lake Ontario.

You can unwind with both a pool and a hot tub at the "Estate Heated Pool within the city." It starts at $69 an hour and you can bring up to 20 guests.

Pool and hot tub.Pool and hot tub.Courtesy of Swimply

You can add a hot tub to the experience for an extra cost.

There are tons of other listings on the platform, so you can grab your sunscreen and relax by a private pool this summer.

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Madeline Forsyth
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