The Toronto Raptors spent decades as the NBA's forgotten underdog, but that era has come to an end.

According to Reddit, Canada's only team in the league was one of the most discussed in 2020.

Reddit's 2020 Year In Review placed the Raptors in one of the top five spots in its "Most Popular Professional Teams by Community Activity" category.

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The top five teams were listed as follows: the Lakers, Celtics, Raptors, Heat and 76ers.

The Maple Leafs also nabbed a spot in the community for the most discussed hockey team.

However, when it came to the most talked about baseball teams, the Toronto Blue Jays were nowhere in sight. 

The achievement is a huge shoutout to the Raptors fan base and highlights how far the team has come.

The Raptors will kick-off the 2020-2021 season in Tampa Bay this December due to ongoing border restrictions between the U.S. and Canada.