Tory Says Toronto Restaurants With Patios Should Start Getting ‘Ready To Open Now’ (VIDEO)

Toronto might turn into a huge patio this summer!
Toronto Restaurants With Patios Should Get Ready To Open Now

There might be a glimmer of hope for Toronto restaurants. On Thursday morning, the mayor announced that eateries with patios should start getting ready to open up across the city. The news on Toronto's restaurants with patios reopening comes after the mayor announced that the City is working towards getting more outdoor space for establishments this summer. 

In the press conference, Tory stated that any restaurants that have patio space already should start making plans to reopen. 

However, there is still no exact date for when food joints will get the green light to open their doors to the public. 

"I know people will want to get back to their favourite neighbourhood restaurants and watering holes," Tory said during the announcement

"The good news is, if you have a patio already, there is nothing to stop you within the context of these rules and regulations for the expansion to get ready to open now."

"We want to make sure we do everything we can to give restaurants and bars things like more patio space to allow them to thrive."

Tory said that they want to make sure there are as many patios across the 6ix as possible.

The mayor also revealed that the City is creating a registration process for restaurants to sign up for additional patio space permits. 

"Details will be communicated in the very next few days as we refine the final details with the province of Ontario," Tory said.

Toronto restaurants were shuttered about two months ago, with the city pledging to give out hefty fines of $25,000 to owners who remained open.

As a result, some of Toronto's iconic bars and restaurants have since announced their closure.

A few weeks ago in May, the idea of expanded patios gave the restaurant industry a bit of hope in terms of reopening solutions.

Now, it looks like the City is following through and getting the ball rolling to reopen countless businesses that have managed to survive these intense few months.

However, Tory stated in the press conference that while he hears reports that restaurant reopenings will take place in stage two, no date has been provided. 

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