A Toronto Teen Is Running To Be The Youngest City Councillor Ever & She's Got Big Plans

The by-election is just over two weeks away and she's in it to win it!
A Toronto Teen Is Running To Be The Youngest City Councillor Ever & She's Got Big Plans

In a bid to make the city a greener and more equitable place, a Toronto teen is running to be the youngest city councillor in the city's history.

Renee Jagdeo spoke to Narcity over the phone, explaining that almost her entire team is comprised of youth as well.

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My team is almost exclusively youth and people my age, so it's been great to help encourage and support other people my age to come get involved in the process. Renee Jagdeo

Jagdeo is a full-time university student, but she's not letting her studies stop her from vying for a spot on council.

She's running to be the city councillor for Ward 22, Scarborough-Agincourt.

Jagdeo's platform has six key points: green & recreational space, accessible housing, improved public transit, COVID-19 response, community safety, and economic development.

Within that framework, Jagdeo wants to offer free PRESTO cards, ensure more residents have access to green space and parks, look at more sustainable transit options, and increase access to shared housing.

Her platform aims to "support newcomers [to Toronto], students and people who are less economically advantaged."

"[I] would like to see more young people and people of colour be involved in the [political] process," she told Narcity.

"It's been great... to get to talk to young people in my community and encourage them to get involved."

She's encouraging all youth to run for their own council bid, too.

"You know, if [others] are even minorly interested, why not shoot your shot?"

The Ward 22, Scarborough-Agincourt by-election will take place on January 15, 2021.