If you're a driver, you're probably familiar with the excitement a new car brings. Whether it's brand-new or second-hand, getting your own motor is something a rite of passage for many Canadian teenagers. Well, things went very badly wrong on Tuesday, June 2, as one Toronto teen crashed their car after getting in it for the first time.

For this 19-year-old, an exciting first day at the wheel of their car turned into multiple charges.

The OPP Highway Safety Division tweeted photos of an overturned car in a field on Tuesday morning, as well as damage to the road.

The red car can be seen flipped onto its side with debris littered nearby.

Alongside the photos, a message details the morning incident. And, honestly, it's a very dramatic read for such a short note.

The tweet notes that after the teen bought the car and picked it up for the first time, the vehicle was recorded travelling at 221 km/h on Highway 401 in Waterloo Region.

The car left the highway at Hespeler Road near Cambridge, Ont., and crashed into a grassy area near the road.

The driver and the even younger passenger, who police say was 16 years old, then decided to try to flee on foot, but didn't get far before they were caught and arrested shortly afterwards.

That isn't even where the story ends, though.

In a subsequent tweet, police said the driver, Courtney Excel from North York, has been charged with dangerous driving, street racing, having cannabis readily available, failing to remain, having no insurance, and having unauthorized plates.


As far as a driving offence rap sheet goes, it sounds like that pretty much covers it.

The driver has had their license suspended for seven days and their new car impounded for the same amount of time.

This is just the latest incident of speed racing or stunt driving in southern Ontario in recent weeks.

Toronto Police reported back in April that stunt driving charges in the city were up 550% that month compared with April 2019.

And it seems things haven't got markedly better since then, either.

Even within the last two weeks, drivers have been busted for offences like doing donuts and shooting fireworks off in public parking lots.

And in another recent incident involving a 16-year-old, York Police arrested a teenage boy for stunt driving. The officer's call to the culprit's mom to tell her was caught on video.