Toronto Tiktoker Shares 5 Reasons Why Billy Bishop Is Way Better Than Pearson (VIDEO)

"It operates more like a train station"

Sarah Jenkins. Right: Billy Bishop Airport.

Sarah Jenkins. Right: Billy Bishop Airport.

Flying out of Pearson Airport can be quite a nightmare but oftentimes, there aren't many other options for travelers or frequent flyers.

A Toronto Tiktoker said she chooses Billy Bishop over Pearson any time she can and called the island airport "the best airport ever."

@Sarahjenkinsxo is based in downtown Toronto and told Narcity she takes a flight about once a month. She said she had a "nightmare experience" at Pearson in June, during the airport's chaotic summer that later earned it the title of worst airport in the world for delays.

Now, Billy Bishop is far from perfect, but it seems to do a decent job at avoiding bad press lately after being named among the world's worst airports airports in 2019. However, the island airport made headlines recently after a suspected bomb was found outside its terminal and had to be detonated.

All that to be said, Jenkins offered five reasons why Billy Bishop has become her go-to when travelling.

Not as much waiting around 

In Jenkins' words, Billy Bishop "operates more like a train station."

She said one of the major perks to flying out of the island airport is not having to wait around as long or deal with massive lineups like you would normally see at Pearson.

"If they recommend two hours to get to somewhere before flight at Pearson I could go 45 minutes at Billy Bishop," Jenkins said. "As long as I have my boarding pass ready and I'm only having a carry-on."

Coffee perks 

In her video, Jenkins gave major props to Balzac's Coffee Roaster, a Canadian coffee chain with several locations across the GTA and Ontario.

Balzac's is a clear favorite for her but anyone who's been to Pearson Airport knows there's plenty of options for coffee, food, and drinks and you don't have to go far to find a Starbucks.

You can't walk to Pearson

Jenkins' next reason is right on point and has been one of the major selling points for Billy Bishop from the start.

"It's a 10-minute walk from my house so I can walk to the airport which is amazing," she said.

The airport's proximity to downtown is a huge advantage for anyone close by looking for a quick getaway. Travellers anywhere near downtown know getting to Pearson can take way too long by car depending on the time of day and otherwise you're left to take the UP Express.

Boarding happens quickly

As she mentioned at the beginning of her video, Jenkins again referred to the lack of waiting around you have to do for any flight out of Billy Bishop.

"Boarding the plane takes no time at all," Jenkins said. "You just sit in the general area and then like you're on the plane in 10 minutes. There's waiting at the gate for an hour or watching people stand up and get in line or any of that stuff."

The simple reason for this one is that the planes that fly out of Billy Bishop are smaller and typically hold 76 passengers, compared to planes out of Pearson that carry hundreds of people at a time.

A better seating area 

​Lastly, Jenkins gave Billy Bishop a shoutout for their seating area.

"There's couches, there's high top tables, there's just so much room," she explained.

It's hard to argue with that when Pearson airport is filled with that classic airport chair that just isn't very nice to sit on, especially for a long period of time.

Jenkins wrapped up her video with a noting that you can't fly anywhere from Billy Biship because of the size of the airport, but remmended it for any trips to the US east coast.

"If you've ever been to like New York, Chicago (...) Boston. Fly out of Billy Bishop. Always. It just saves you so much time," said Jenkins.


Replying to @Angel Never thought I’d be making airport content but here we are ✈️ Why I love flying out of the island airport aka Billy Bishop in Toronto as oppose to Pearson when I can

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