Watch The Moment Toronto Police Detonated A Suspected Bomb At Billy Bishop Airport (VIDEO)

It's like a scene from a movie.

Toronto Police conduct a controlled detonation. Right: Billy Bishop Airport.

Toronto Police conduct a controlled detonation. Right: Billy Bishop Airport.

It was a scary few hours at Billy Bishop Airport Saturday as Toronto Police investigated a suspicious package they deemed to be a potential explosive device found on a bike by the island-side ferry terminal.

Nearby apartment buildings were evacuated, and streets were shut down for hours before a controlled detonation brought the situation to an end just after midnight Sunday — and now we have a video of how that all went down.

Lauren Novak (@lokeylauren) sent the videos she captured to Narcity.

"This is not a drill," an officer can be heard speaking on a megaphone. "We are conducting a controlled explosion very shortly. Everyone is to remain behind cover and away from windows."

The chilling warning came moments before police then moved to conduct their controlled explosion.

"Fire! Fire! Fire," an officer can be heard yelling before a few moments of silence — and then a massive boom.

The loud explosion rang through Toronto's waterfront community, echoing through buildings that create a kind of corridor for sound down the Gardiner Expressway. A second explosion followed.

Moments after the detonation, police announced the all-clear, lifting road closures that had been in place since late afternoon while also allowing evacuated residents back into their apartments.

Police have since released two persons of interest in their investigation that were taken into custody Saturday.

They said the pair were questioned and were released without charges following an "extensive investigation," adding the event was isolated and no longer posed a threat to the public.

Billy Bishop Airport resumed its regular operations first thing Sunday morning.

Stuart McGinn
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