An Ontario man faces multiple charges of assault after he allegedly drove into a Toronto traffic agent over and over again with his car.

On Wednesday, April 28, TPS arrested 19-year-old Zachary Verpaalen, of Amaranth, Ontario, and charged him with Assault With A Weapon and Assault of a Peace Officer for his alleged part in an incident on Monday afternoon.

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The alleged assault took place on Monday afternoon when police say the driver of a black Chevrolet Cruze tried to turn right onto the Gardiner Expressway from the left lane on York Street.

According to Toronto police, the driver was stopped by a traffic agent working at the corner, who directed him not to turn. The driver allegedly disobeyed the agent's instructions and instead drove into the worker — who was stood in front of the car — multiple times. The agent was not seriously injured, police say.

"City of Toronto Traffic Agents work in key intersections to help reduce congestion and improve safety for all road users," said Toronto's Traffic Services' Superintendent Scott Baptist in a statement. "Aggressive and threatening behaviour towards them will not be tolerated."