Forget your mask at home? No problem! PPE vending machines are now ready to use at Oakville and Toronto transit stations. You can find the innovative installments at the Oakville GO Station and Union UP Express Station in the SkyWalk.

Metrolinx announced the additions today, which will dispense disposable and reusable face coverings, as well as gloves, hand sanitizer, and touchless keychains. 

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Prices range from a ten pack of disposable face coverings for $10, to a bottle of hand sanitizer for just under $4.

The machines even have hypo-allergenic masks. Every item is wrapped individually to ensure cleanliness. 

The new vending machines are part of Metrolinx’s "Safety Never Stops" program, which was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dispensers only take cashless options like debit, credit, or mobile wallets to help reduce the spread of the virus.

While there are currently only two machines, they are part of a pilot program, and Metrolinx plans to add more if this rollout is successful.

Face masks are currently mandatory on Toronto transit, so these machines ensure that no one will be denied entry, as they will have an opportunity to pick up a mask if they’ve forgotten one.

Face masks have been mandatory on the TTC since July 2. Shortly after, they also became a requirement on GO transit.

As a leading way to curb transmission, mask usage was implemented to help with concerns about COVID-19 and crowding on transit.

Metrolinx has taken a number of precautions in addition to the new vending machines to ensure passenger safety.

"This includes installing seat dividers on GO trains and buses and providing hand sanitizer dispensers on every GO bus and at every GO Transit and UP Express station," reads their statement.

Next time you're stuck in public without a mask or hand sanitizer, you can pop by a transit station and pick one up!