Toronto's New Hovercraft Will Get You To Niagara Wine Country In 30 Minutes & Here's How

The service plans to begin in 2023.

North America's rapid transit hovercraft. Right: Two chairs overlooking a vineyard.
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North America's rapid transit hovercraft. Right: Two chairs overlooking a vineyard.

Have you been stuck in traffic on the Burlington Skyway Bridge recently and wondered if there was a faster way to get around the Golden Horseshoe?

Well, commuters, you might want to listen up because a new hovercraft is coming to town, and it will save you a lot of time on the highways.

Hoverlink Ontario Inc. (Hoverlink) plans to launch a "rapid transit route" between Toronto and the Niagara Region in the summer of 2023.

"This large-scale hovercraft service will move passengers across Lake Ontario in only 30 minutes," Hoverlink stated in a press release.

This journey, which, according to the company, typically takes around two to three hours via car, bus or train service, will take less than an hour. Yippee!

The hovercraft will travel between Ontario Place, Toronto and Port Weller, St. Catharines, and will feel like "riding on air."

The service will run all year long with 48 lake crossings daily, and hold up to 180 passengers. You can ride the hovercraft even during the winter because it can travel across "land, ice and water."

Also, fun fact, CFL legend Michael "Pinball" Clemons is on the Board of Directors of the corporation.

If you were wondering how this new hovercraft would affect the environment, then fret not. According to the company, the hovercraft will "reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by removing thousands of vehicles" from the highways.

Contrary to what you might think, it's not a loud vessel. Instead, the design of the hovercraft allows it to be quiet with "a noise decibel level lower than a standard dishwasher," which doesn't impact "sensitive marine life" or disturb residents.

If you were wondering why it's called a hovercraft, well, that's because it actually hovers on "a cushion of air above the water." How cool is that?!

Summer 2023 is already looking more adventurous, exciting and futuristic.

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Mira Nabulsi
Associate Editor
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