Toronto's Speed Cameras Will Be Popping Up In 50 New Spots Next Month & Here's Where

You'll want to slow down while cruising through these locations.

Toronto's Speed Cameras Will Be Popping Up In 50 New Spots Next Month & Here's Where

If you're a Toronto driver with a need for speed, you may find yourself getting more tickets in the near future.

Thousand of speeding tickets were issued from July to August from Toronto's speed cameras, according to the City of Toronto, and now they will be popping up in new locations across the 6ix in November.

Currently, the city of Toronto has 50 automated speed enforcement devices "installed near schools in Community Safety Zones."

But with the fourth round of devices soon to be installed this fall, according to a City of Toronto press release, there will be 50 new locations for you to get caught speeding.

Here are the pending automated speed enforcement device locations:

  1. Birmingham Street, West of Kipling Avenue
  2. Queens Quay, East of Bathurst Street
  3. Royal York Road, North of Coney Road
  4. Givins Street, South of Argyle Street
  5. Jane Street, South of Weatherell Street
  6. Beverley Street, Near D'Arcy Street
  7. Montgomery Road, Near Loyalist Road
  8. Queen Street East, Near Sackville Street
  9. Priscilla Avenue, South of Dundas Street West
  10. Isabella Street, West of Sherbourne Street
  11. Davenport Road, Near Bishop Street
  12. Oakwood Avenue, Near Biggar Avenue
  13. Dufferin Street, North of Norton Avenue
  14. Westwood Avenue, West of Carlaw Avenue
  15. Arlington Avenue, South of Durham Avenue
  16. Bathurst Street, Near Ardmore Road
  17. Donlands Avenue, Near Memorial Park Avenue
  18. The Westway, West of Brampton Road
  19. Cosburn Avenue, West of Binswood Avenue
  20. Lawrence Avenue West, East of Martini Drive
  21. King Street, South of George Street
  22. Glenmount Avenue, Near Madoc Drive
  23. Avenue Road, South of Caribou Road
  24. O'Connor Drive, Near Wakunda Place
  25. Lawrence Avenue East, East of Mildenhall Road
  26. Kipling Avenue, South of Snaresbrook Drive
  27. Kingston Road, East of Chine Drive
  28. Sheppard Avenue West, East of Buckland Road
  29. Jane Street, North of Clair Road
  30. Cathedral Bluffs Drive, South of Kingston Road
  31. Faywood Boulevard, Near Norcross Road
  32. Scarsdale Road, South of York Mills Road
  33. Yorkwoods Gate, East of Jane Street
  34. Banbury Road, Near Portsmith Road
  35. Silverstone Drive, North of Avening Drive
  36. Wallingford Road, North of Cassandra Boulevard
  37. Dewey Drive, East of Pharmacy Avenue
  38. Birchmount Road, South of Ellendale Drive
  39. Senlac Road, South of Horsham Avenue
  40. Victoria Park Avenue, North of Old Sheppard Avenue
  41. Brian Drive, North of Clydesdale Drive
  42. Cactus Avenue, North of Moore Park Avenue
  43. Bellamy Road North, South of Northleigh Drive
  44. Brimorton Drive, Near Amberjack Boulevard
  45. Lockie Avenue, East of Donalda Crescent
  46. Manse Road, Near 292 Manse Rd.
  47. Warden Avenue, South of Glen Springs Drive
  48. Nugget Avenue, East of Transfer Place
  49. Wickson Trail, West of Brenyon Way
  50. Finch Avenue East, West of Neilson Road

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Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.