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One Toronto Street Is The Absolute Worst For Speeding & So Many People Are Getting Tickets

This spot has gotten the most automated speeding tickets this year.

If you have a need for speed, consider slowing down next time you pass Sheppard Avenue East, west of Don Mills Road.

According to the City of Toronto, this one spot has been ticketed the most by automated speed cameras over the past year.

The City has issued 104,192 automated speeding tickets so far in 2021, and this one spot is responsible for 20,174 of them.

The city of Toronto has 50 Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices issued — the one on Sheppard Avenue East, west of Don Mills Road, is responsible for 19.3% of tickets issued this year.

The device issued 3,706 tickets in April, 5,247 tickets in March, 4,618 in February, and 6,603 in January.