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Toronto's New Speed Cameras Are Officially Giving Out Tickets Starting Today

50 cameras have been installed across the city.
Ontario Editor
Toronto's Speed Cameras Will Be Giving Out Tickets Starting Today

Make sure to check your speedometers, Torontonians. Starting on Monday, July 6 Toronto's speed cameras will be active throughout the city. 

As part of the Vision Zero project, 50 cameras have been installed across the 6ix to help reduce accidents on roadways.

July 6 Automated speeding tickets will be issued in Toronto

According to the City of Toronto's website, these speed enforcement tools are located on busy roads near "Community Safety Zones near schools."

When a vehicle is detected to be going faster than the speed limit, the registered driver will receive a ticket, even if they weren't the one behind the wheel. 

The first of these automated speed cameras were installed late last year. Since then, signs have been posted around the area to warn drivers of the future ticketing. 

Via City of Toronto on Twitter

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