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This Toronto Street Has The Speediest Drivers & So Many Tickets Have Been Handed Out

It's not the first time this street gave out the most tickets in a month.

Toronto Associate Editor
This Toronto Street Has The Speediest Drivers & So Many Tickets Have Been Handed Out

If you have a bit of a lead foot when you drive, you may want to reconsider speeding down this Toronto street before you do.

According to the City, Victoria Park Avenue near Tiago Avenue issued the most speeding tickets by automated speed cameras in September.

From the start to the end of the month, the City doled out over 21,000 tickets to drivers with 2,664 of them given out in this one area alone. Back in July, this same spot gave out 2,645 automated speeding tickets to drivers racing down this street.

September saw 926 repeat offenders with two of them getting hit with five tickets for zooming on Bamburgh Circle and Military Trail in Scarborough.

City officials say that a reason more tickets were issued in September than over the summer months is likely due to more traffic spreading across the 6ix as a result of students coming back to school. While the grand total of tickets over the summer exceeded 36,000, July and August gave out fewer tickets per month compared to September.

The 50 automated speed enforcement devices have recently rotated to a new set of locations this fall so that it deters speeders to fly down these areas that have safety concerns as well as raising awareness for when to slow the heck down.

All of the ASE devices are put in areas near schools and are chosen based on data that demonstrate a higher chance of crashes between drivers and speeding.

The City recently revealed that the zoomiest drivers are often spotted at Sheppard Avenue East just west of Don Mills Road, where over 20,000 tickets were handed out at this intersection throughout 2021.

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