Toronto has issued thousands of speeding tickets this year, and one location has been named the worst for it.

According to the City, Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices issued 81,557 tickets in the first three months of 2021.

From January to March, Sheppard Avenue East west of Don Mills Road (Don Valley North) stayed on top for the most tickets handed out on one street.

The City says a total of 30,466 tickets were issued in March, with 5,247 (17%) of all tickets handed out at Sheppard alone. In January 6,603 tickets were given out at this location, and 4,618 were handed out in February.

"Sheppard Avenue East west of Don Mills Road is a wide arterial roadway with six lanes of traffic and a significant downhill slope. It is also the ASE site with the highest daily traffic volume from the current round of locations," the City states.