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You'll Probably Get A Ticket If You're Caught Speeding On These 8 Toronto Streets

Here's where Toronto drivers are getting the most speeding tickets.
You'll Probably Get A Ticket If You're Caught Speeding On These 8 Toronto Streets

If you've got a lead foot, you may want to keep in mind that these streets have some pretty vigilant speed cameras in Toronto

The City of Toronto just released its automated speed enforcement data for December 2020, including a list of streets with the most tickets issued. 

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The street with the most tickets issued in December was Stanley Avenue near Elizabeth Street in Mimico, with 2,888. That alone makes up 13% of all the speed camera tickets given in the city that month.

A single repeat offender got a total of 15 tickets in December for speeding on Stanley Avenue and Mimico Avenue west of Station Road. 

Following Stanley Avenue, these are the streets with the most enforcement: 

  • Birchmount Road north of Bay Mills Boulevard (Scarborough Agincourt), 1836 tickets
  • McCowan Road north of Kenhatch Boulevard (Scarborough North), 1761 tickets 
  • Ellesmere Road east of Mondeo Drive (Scarborough Centre), 1639 tickets
  • Scarborough Golf Club Road north of Lawrence Avenue East (Scarborough-Guildwood), 1625 tickets
  • Rockcliffe Boulevard near Rockcliffe Court (York-South Weston), 1315 tickets 
  • Jane Street north of Lambton Avenue (York-South Weston), 1198 tickets
  • Sheppard Avenue East west of Don Mills Road (Don Valley North), 1112 tickets

Of all 22,180 tickets issued in December, the biggest fine was $718. It was given to the owner of a vehicle going 99 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on McCowan Road north of Kenhatch Boulevard.

Mayor of Toronto John Tory is not impressed by the amount of speeding happening in his city.

"Far too many drivers are speeding on our roads and our speed cameras are one way we are increasing enforcement to crack down on this dangerous behaviour," he said.

Toronto's automated speed cameras have been in place since July 2020, when they were introduced as part of the city's Vision Zero project.

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