Drivers beware: 50 of Toronto's speed cameras are moving to new spots around the city.

The Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices automatically issue tickets based on the license plate of the vehicle, no matter who is driving it.

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This is the third round of location rotation for Toronto's ASEs, which have been issuing speeding tickets to drivers in the city since July 2020.

There are two cameras in each of Toronto's wards, put in place at "areas with safety concerns" in Community Safety Zones near schools.

Warning signs have been implemented at the new locations, but the speed cameras themselves do not issue warnings — only tickets.

The cameras will move to their new locations in May 2021, where they'll stay until the next rotation in three to six months' time.

A full list of the new locations with a map can be found on the city's website, and it includes spots on Dundas Street West, Dufferin Street, York Mills Road, Leslie Street, and Lawrence Avenue East.

So keep your eyes peeled and keep your speed down, Torontonians!