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You Can Get Escape Rooms Delivered To Your Door In Toronto & The Themes Are Everything

Turn your home into Dunder Mifflin or Monica's apartment!

You can turn your house into an escape room with this unique game.

Toronto's Trivia Escape Rooms has launched an experience called Trivia Escape Crate, where you can get 'an escape room in a box delivered to your door'.

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Themes include iconic television series such as The SimpsonsThe Office, and FRIENDS.

The crates are available to book online and will be delivered to your door for free in certain areas.

Each crate contains locks, puzzles, codes, and more.

You'll have one hour to complete the game, and the Gamemaster is available by walkie talkie in case you need hints.

At the end of the game, the Gamemaster will reveal the solution and you'll have a chance to snap some fun pics. 

See if you can escape from your own home with these themed boxes.

Trivia Escape Crate

Price: $75 

Address: 1444 Dupont St. #31, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Turn your home into an escape room with these delivery kits!