Big things are in the works for Toronto's shoreline. WaterfrontTO has announced its plan to put untouched land on the lake to use by converting it into a new island. Toronto's Villiers Island precinct plan is set to create homes, jobs, green space, and even affordable housing. 

The land is located in the Port Lands, which is in Toronto's east end at the Keating Channel near Cherry Street. 

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The area is going to be transformed into a whole new neighborhood by the time they're done with it, which could be 2024.

Bars, restaurants, offices, and other amenities will be popping up in the now mostly desolate piece of land which is used for industrial purposes.

In fact, the City is spending $1.25 billion to protect the area from flooding so that they can go ahead with the project, according to WaterfrontTO

Other facilities that will be built include and elementary school, a community centre with a pool, non-profit childcare services, and more.

The island will be eco-friendly in design with 25 hectares of green space, 11 of which will be parks. 

WaterfrontTO | Blog

They wil be arranging the buildings in a way that will have the tallest ones situated in the back, with the shorter ones in the front. 

This will be done in order to allow all residences to enjoy rays of sunshine without getting blocked by bigger buildings. 

They are aiming to achieve Passive House Standards, which "results in buildings using up to 90 per cent less heating and cooling energy than the average building," according to their blog.


The new community has been described as "climate positive" in the precinct plan.

The buildings will have solar panels installed, which could generate enough electricity to power to heat the homes in the winter. 

Although there has been no concrete date for when this will all be ready, the Portlands Flood Protection Project is set to be complete by 2024. 

Not only will the neighbourhood be climate-conscious, but also beautiful, with ample skyline views and nature areas for everyone to enjoy.