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Toronto Commuters Beg TTC To Do Something About Overcrowded Buses & Trains (PHOTOS)

"The driver just kept cramming ppl on." 😓
Toronto Transit Riders Are Begging The City To Resume Full Service Because Buses & Trains Are Too Packed

Transit riders are calling for an end to TTC service cuts. Toronto's transit was reduced at the start of the pandemic, and service has not yet been fully restored. Some commuters say that this has led to buses and trains becoming way too crowded.

Now, transit riders are demanding changes so they have more room to social distance.

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“Why are [Premier Doug Ford] and [Mayor John Tory] talking about enforcement & compliance at strip clubs & parties yet have no problem with packed #TTC vehicles?” tweeted commuter Rocco Signorile.

“I’m not talking about denying riders, but [putting] MORE service back out to help.”

Toronto City Councillor Shelley Carroll agrees with this sentiment.

She is going to bring forward a motion at the next TTC Board Meeting “to bring back all 450 laid-off TTC staff and restore full service.”

Transit riders have been sharing photos to illustrate just how crowded TTC stations, buses, and streetcars have been.

According to the Toronto Star, the TTC is expecting another surge in ridership as school resumes.

However, TTC's Stuart Green tells Narcity that they're already ramping up service in preparation.

"We’ve been laser-focused on putting service where it is needed most. Just this week we added 110 buses to the network to deploy as needed where routes are busiest," he said.

"But we’ve also been honest with our customers that physical distancing is not always going to be possible on all routes at all times as ridership returns even with all operators available," he continued.

"That’s why face coverings are so important and why we’ve been doing our part to enhance safety and comfort on the system."

Just last weekend, Toronto transit riders banded together to protest overcrowding on buses and trains.

TTCriders, an advocacy group for Toronto commuters, organized the protest, which ended at the office of the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation.

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