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You Now Need Wristband Access To Wasaga's New Social Distance Beach Pods

Tickets of $350 will be issued to anyone who violates the rules.

Ontario's popular beach town is back in business, but with all kinds of new measures. Wasaga Beach is now stepping up its efforts to control crowds. Visitors can expect to see four "beachfront pods," which divides the shoreline into separate areas with limited capacities.

According to The Weather Network, the total number of people permitted will be 800, with up to 226 people per pod.

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Visitors will be given wristbands as proof of admission into the pods. A ticket of $350 will be issued to anyone who is caught breaking the rules.

"One of our beach pods are for residents only, the other three are open for members of the public," said Wasaga's municipal law enforcement coordinator, Jeff Regan, to The Weather Network. 

Proof of residency will be required into this particular locals-only pod.

"We've tried to share space equally in order to ensure physical distancing amongst the pods," he continued.

"At the entrances, there's a tent with beach ambassadors ready to welcome any members of the public looking to enter the pod, providing some education and hand sanitizer before entering."

"We're issuing hand sanitizer. We're asking members of the public to complete a self-assessment before entering," he added.

The new initiatives come after overcrowding at the popular beach destination on Canada Day. 

Thousands of people flocked to the town's beachfront to escape the heat on July 1, raising alarms about a public health threat in the town of Wasaga.

Packed shorelines have become somewhat of a norm in Ontario this summer.

Weekend warriors voyaging to Sandbanks Provincial Park have been getting turned away due to new capacity limits. Cars were seen lining the streets waiting to get in.

Toronto's beaches have been busy day and night with partiers looking to make the most of the season.

Mayor John Tory has called upon beachgoers several times this summer to avoid swarming the city's waterfront on sunny days.

However, it has done little to sway people from piling onto the sandy shores in large groups. Hanlan's Point Beach was among the busiest last weekend, making it challenging to social distance.