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You Can Walk Through This Magical Tree Farm Near Toronto & Pick Out Your Perfect Christmas Tree

Breathe in nature's fresh air and explore hundreds of beautiful trees!

There's something truly magical about the winter holidays. Colourful lights make the world sparkle and glow; snow creates a beautiful, frosted natural backdrop for all of your activities. Honestly, it's hard not to want to get into the festive mood ASAP. 

Great decor helps with the vibes a whole lot. Nothing screams holidays more than twinkly lights, stockings, and a beautiful, glittering tree to tie it all together.

Of course, before you set up your tree and stand back to behold your masterpiece, you need to actually pick it out.

There are a few spots that elevate the tree-picking experience. Try something that plunges you into the magical, natural landscape of the holidays: a Christmas tree farm!

Not only is hunting for your Christmas tree a fun and family-friendly (or friend-friendly) outdoor activity but spending time together in nature is also a fantastic way to prep for the holiday season.

Studies show that people who spend time outside and in nature have lower heart rates and show lower levels of cortisol — aka the stress hormone. 

If reducing stress is as simple as walking through a beautiful tree farm, then lace up those boots and get strolling! 

Most spots also make it extra festive, with Christmas music and other surprises in store; Ontario's Clembrook Christmas Farm is the perfect example.

Located just outside of the GTA in Milton, Ontario, this place allows you to roam their massive tree farm in search of the best Christmas tree for you to bring home.

Plus, Clembrook Christmas Farm even lets you bring your dog. So you can gather up the whole family and immerse yourself in the magic of nature

You can stroll through the acres and cut your own tree or purchase pre-cut trees for a simpler process.

Tree farms are a fun way to make sure the fir you pick is exactly the one you want. Plus, you can get some fresh air while doing it.

With brands like Nature Valley that make it easy to have a healthy snack while on-the-go, you and your bubble can grab a quick granola bar and have the energy to spend hours finding the best tree.

One more helpful tidbit? National Christmas Tree Day is on December 5. What other excuse do you need to head out and get your Christmas tree? 

Explore a whole natural world at Clembrook Tree Farm. To learn more about the joys of nature, check out Nature Valley's website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.