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New Tropicana Crunch cereal. Right: Grocery shelf filled with Tropicana orange juice.

New Tropicana Crunch cereal. Right: Grocery shelf filled with Tropicana orange juice.

@tropicana | Instagram, Roman Tiraspolsky | Dreamstime

Have you ever accidentally poured orange juice into your cereal instead of milk?

What if that didn't have to be an accident?

Tropicana just unveiled a brand new breakfast offering called Tropicana Crunch, and they say it's a breakfast cereal designed specifically to be eaten with OJ instead of milk.

You might rot your teeth from the sugar and the acidity in the orange juice, but we're low-key thinking it might actually taste pretty good?

The cereal itself looks kind of similar to Quaker Harvest Crunch, and Tropicana says it contains honey almond clusters (i.e. nuts and granola).

"So for those who are cereal curious like us, we made Tropicana Crunch. Cereal that's down to be drowned in OJ. Honey almond clusters that are made to be spooned and sipped. A breakfast taste test we can all take together," states the Tropicana Crunch website.

Anybody else feel kind of weird after reading that?

OJ fans (the juice, not the person) had some mixed reactions on the Twitter-verse.

One person joked that the amount of sugar between the cereal and juice combined would likely "poison" you.

Others seem kind of interested in the experiment, if only to see how it tastes.

Tropicana orange juice has been floating around the internet recently after coffee and orange juice went viral on TikTok. You'd think it would be awful, but apparently it's the opposite.

Orange juice and espresso… damn #goldenbrowncoffee #coffeetiktok #barista #learnontiktok #homecafe #foodietiktok

Even Tropicana posted about it, encouraging people to try the drink.

Tropicana Crunch is set to make its debut on National Orange Juice Day on May 4 in the United States. The company will be giving away the limited-run cereal, Food & Wine reports. It sounds like you'll be able to sign up for a box when the big day rolls around.

Orange you glad we told you about it?

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