Twitter Users Are Revealing Everything They 'Blame Canada' For & The Answers Are Perfect

"IBlameCanadaFor making me believe in the house hippo..." 🦛

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Twitter Users Are Revealing Everything They 'Blame Canada' For & The Answers Are Perfect

From Canada geese to Dildo, Newfoundland, there are apparently a lot of things the rest of the world blames Canada for!

On Thursday, September 16, #IBlameCanadaFor was trending on Twitter and it seems like the whole world — including Canadians — just couldn't wait to pile on.

Here's a look at just a few examples of things Canada is seemingly responsible for and you'll probably be able to relate to most of them.

House Hippo

Ah, the famous house hippo. This little creature was featured in a Canadian PSA and stole the hearts of the nation. It even led this person to believe that house hippos were a real thing which they blame Canada for. Fair enough!


Canada has a number of seriously awkward place names, but Dildo, Newfoundland, has got to take the biscuit. In case you didn't know, Jimmy Kimmel is the unofficial mayor there, too!

Mr. Dressup

If you don't know Mr. Dressup, he's basically the Canadian Mister Rogers and is apparently the genesis of someone's hoarding problem.

Niagara Falls

While Niagara Falls is pretty impressive whichever side you're on, one is arguably a tiny bit more magnificent. Sorry, New York!

Canada Geese

If you've ever encountered these animals, you probably know that they can be quite testy. That, coupled with their Canuck name, means Canada gets blamed for them.

​'Angela Anaconda​'

This so-called "nightmarish fever dream" ran for three seasons from 1999 and it was pretty weird. But hey — you can't fault the nostalgia factor.


You know what, if a moose pees on your lawn, you're totally allowed to blame Canada.

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