Every Canadian Province Has Its Own Unique Food & You Have To Try These At Least Once

Newfoundland has its own version of poutine!
Unique Canadian Food In Each Province That You Need To Try
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There is so much unique Canadian food to discover across the country if you look beyond butter tarts or Nanaimo bars and each province brings its own special dishes to the table. 

Here are foods from all 10 provinces that you need to try at least once in your life.

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Japanese-Style Hot Dogs

Where: B.C.

About: A Japanese couple moved from Japan to Canada and started Japadog, a hot dog stand in Vancouver that serves up Japanese-inspired creations.

Ginger Beef

Where: Alberta

About: This dish created by a chef in Calgary is deep-fried shredded beef covered in a spicy chilli sauce that's often served over rice. According to Food Network, it became known as "ginger beef" because Canadians thought that the sauce had ginger in it.


Where: Saskatchewan

About: Spudnuts are donuts made with potatoes, as you probably guessed from the name, and are a staple of the summer fair in Saskatoon that happens each year.

Schmoo Torte

Where: Manitoba

About: This sweet dish combines cake, whipped cream, caramel and nuts. It's also known as "shmoo torte" and was created in Winnipeg by a mother for her son's bar mitzvah.

Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Where: Ontario

About: According to TVO, peameal bacon originated in Toronto and this sandwich was created and popularized by the Carousel Bakery in the city's St. Lawrence Market.

Poor Man's Pudding

Where: Quebec

About: Also known as "pouding chômeur" in French, this food dates back to the Great Depression and is made by pouring maple syrup onto cake batter before putting it in the oven, which makes the cake rise through the syrup.


Where: New Brunswick

About: Ploye is a traditional dish from New Brunswick and it's not just a regular buckwheat pancake. It's cooked on one side only without being flipped, which is how they get that holey look.

Fries With The Works

Where: P.E.I.

About: Fries With The Works is made with fries, gravy, ground beef and peas. It's said that the dish was created after a warehouse worker ordered fries with gravy from a restaurant but the owner added ground beef and peas to make it a hearty meal.

Rappie Pie

Where: Nova Scotia

About: While you might think this traditional food is sweet because it's a pie, it's actually savoury and made with grated potatoes and meat.

Newfoundland Poutine

Where: Newfoundland

About: Newfoundland's take on poutine is made with fries, gravy and a dressing that most people would call stuffing. Cheese curds are optional!

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