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An Alberta Woman Got 'Unsolicited Seeds' In The Mail & It Was Super Suspicious

The government is warning Canadians about random packages like this.

If you’ve received anything weird in the mail recently you're not alone. According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), someone is sending “unsolicited seeds” in Alberta through the mail. After the CFIA warned all Canadians about deliveries like these, an Alberta woman has come forward to say that she received some and it sounds super suspicious. 

On Wednesday, July 29 the CFIA tweeted out a picture of a package of seeds claiming that someone was sending them to people in the mail. 

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The recipients of the suspicious seeds didn't know they were getting them which means these unsolicited items are a massive mystery

According to a statement provided by CFIA, they shouldn't be planted. since they're from an unknown origin and have the potential to be invasive plants or carrying plant pests. 

If you receive an item of this nature, it's best to contact the CFIA immediately. 

Be sure to keep the seeds, the original packaging, and the mailing label until an agent contacts you with further information. 

Accompanied by the online statement was a photo of the seeds in question. 

The package seems to be a small white envelope, no bigger than the pen in the photo. 

Inside is a small baggie containing a large amount of brown, unidentified seeds. 

An Alberta woman named Natalie Dempsey spoke with Global News about the mystery parcel she received.

Calling the entire thing “very suspicious” and “very odd,” Dempsey claims it was specifically addressed to her and there was no name of anybody else on it. 

After contacting the government agency, she put the seeds in the freezer until they could collect them. 

The CFIA told the Westlock resident that if something like this is received, you shouldn't throw them in the garbage or compost as they could sprout, according to Global. 

A spokesperson with the inspection bureau spoke with Global as well. They said that reports of these mystery seeds have been happening in most Canadian provinces with different types being received.

They’re now having to investigate and collaborate with their U.S. counterparts to resolve the issue.